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Yingde Greatchem Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Yingde Greatchem Chemicals Co.,Ltd (therein after is called “GREATCHEM”) is a key manufacturer of agrochemical technical grade in Guangdong Province, Southern China. It is a national designated enterprise for the production of agrochemicals in China who is mainly in charge the development, production and sales for the intermediates, technical grades and formulations of agrochemicals. Our factory located at Shakou Town, Yingde City,Guangdong Province in China.

With excellent capabilities on product development,production,quality controls,cost controls, EHS management,GREATCHEM has been successfully markingits products in many countries and regions including USA, EU, Brazil, India, Isreal. Now the main clients of GREATCHEM are multinational companies, big and medium scales of agrochemical companies in overseas countries and China.

Company Vision: Become a full-industry chain, branded and internationalized agrochemical company!

Yingde Greatchem Chemicals  Co., Ltd.